Sunday, March 25, 2007


We have recently passed the 30,000 hit level and I would like to thank my readers for being loyal to the Blog. This site grew from my love of college baseball which started at a young age following Providence College. PC decided to drop their program after the 1999 season so I had to start following some other programs and Boston College became the team to follow. They were in the process of changing conferences from the Big East to the ACC and the quality of the program was increasing. I started this blog in May 2005 and it has seen immense growth. I would like to remind the readers to continue to click on the ads on the side as it helps out a little with the amount of time the writers here put in researching and writing articles. Again, Thanks and raise a glass to 30,000 more hits.

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NHDadUmp said...

There's a reason you get hits! Nice job!