Thursday, August 31, 2006

UNC Baseball

SeBaseball has posted a very good article about Robert Woodard taking the spotlight now for the UNC Baseball program. He has to replace the two cornerstones of the UNC rotation in Daniel Bard and Andrew Miller. Robert has to be a stud for UNC to have a chance of making it back to Omaha this season because the rest of the rotation is not up to the level of Bard or Miller. The full article from SeBaseball can be seen here.

Mitch Harris

Mitch Harris of the Naval Academy was named the second best pro prospect for this past summer in the Cal Ripken Senior League. Harris pitched in six games this past summer striking out 26 batters in his 25 innings of work.

The downtime

We now enter the fall which means that this is the downtime for the College Baseball world in terms of news. I will continue to update the site as I find the stories but the updates will be as often as I find the stories which interest the great readers of this blog. We are getting a good base of readers in the last few weeks and I hope you guys continue coming to the site and commenting.

I can't wait till the 2007 season starts up and we can do some lively discussions about the best conferences in the country. I will probably be focusing on the ACC since I am in the heart of ACC living outside of Boston. I will also be following the former Providence College coaches in Charlie Hickey at Central Connecticut State and Paul Kostacopoulos at the Naval Academy. I will try to focus on the entire country but my weakness is going to be the Pac-10 since I don't know any of the teams that well.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Miller called to Detroit

Andrew Miller has been called up by the Detroit Tigers after pitching a total of five innings in professional baseball. In those five innings, Miller struck out nine batters. It was debatable if Miller was going to be a September call-up for the Tigers but he is now on the roster before the September. This is a huge accomplishment for College Baseball and should give the College Baseball World some more notoriety.

Full article from the AP can be seen here.