Friday, August 31, 2007

Wood Bats vs Metal Bats

One of the biggest complaints I hear about watching college baseball is that metal bats have ruined the game. I disagree with this but when you watch a game played with wood it is usually lower scoring then a metal bat game. Is it more exciting to go to a 8-7 game or a 1-0 bunting game? I personally rather watch the players hit the ball hard all over the field instead of watching a guy get on with a walk and get bunted to second waiting for that groundball to get through the hole. The issues between Wood and Metal bats injuries could have been solved for about $50,000 according to an article by Jeff Passan which can be read here.


bighook said...

If it's easier to hit with aluminum, as you admit and as anyone that has ever been around baseball knows, doesn't it have to be more dangerous for the pitcher? I don't know where the data comes from that says otherwise, but logic dictates here.

Also, what about arm injuries to pitchers? How many young kids start throwing breaking balls because anyone with a pulse can hit with aluminum? Any data on that?

Maybe that explains why there are so many more arm injuries these days and why pitchers don't seem to be able to get as deep in games.

Brian P. Foley said...

So do the studies that are necessary then. The exit speeds of a ball coming off a WOOD like aluminum bat is very similar. The main reason why wood is not used anymore around amateur baseball is the fact that you don't have to buy a ton of bats when you can have one aluminum bat.

It is an interesting argument which is not going to be settle for a long time. I never played one game in my career with a wood bat and I approaching my 30's.

bighook said...

I thought the bat companies were subsidizing the use of aluminum in college. It's good business because they make a lot more money on aluminum and it keeps the rest of the amateur ranks in line. I think the NCAA sanctions aluminum for the money, not because they think it makes for a better game.

Bat speed studies don't tell the whole story. It's easier to square the ball up with aluminum. I think it's nuts that college age kids are using aluminum. They are strong enough to compete with wood.

I also think the cost argument is overstated. At the high end, aluminum is 4x more expensive than wood. My son played 35+ games (plus about 10,000 swings in the cage) with wood this year and broke one bat.

Brian P. Foley said...

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