Friday, August 24, 2007

Trouble brewing in Gainesville?

It is in the media. New scholarship and roster-size limits will likely lead to some uncomfortable situations this fall, particularly with respect to the new transfer restrictions. That said, new Florida coach Kevin O'Sullivan seems to be spitting mad about a one-sided article in the Gainesville Sun that paints him in less than positive light.

The article involves allegations regarding a meeting with a local high school coach, who's son is on the Gators squad. The high school coach alleges that O'Sullivan took away the scholarship of his son, Bo Smith, at the 11th hour before classes and that O'Sullivan has only a passing familiarity with his own roster.

The Florida Athletics department hit back this morning, citing massive inaccuracies in the article and defending Coach O'Sullivan. The real story is likely somewhere in the middle, as always, but look for roster issues to come up at numerous schools this fall, particularly those with large recruiting classes and with new coaches. One thing is for certain, though: this was not how O'Sullivan wanted to start out with the local media.

Read the Gainesville Sun article here.

Read the UF Press Release response here.

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