Thursday, August 23, 2007 Rates Top Returning Draftees

Kendall Rogers,'s baseball guru, broke down his top 10 players to return to school despite being drafted.

1. Texas OF Kyle Russell
2. Texas A&M Utility Guy Blake Stouffer
3. Vanderbilt OF Dominic De la Osa
4. Rice Closer Cole St. Clair
5. Creighton switch-pitcher Pat Venditte
6. UGA Closer Josh Fields
7. ASU Starter Josh Satow
8. USC Catcher Phil Disher
9. OKState 3B Matt Hague
10. Auburn OF Mike Bianucci

This writer would probably have flipped a couple of these guys around. It's hard to argue with Russell Stouffer and De la Osa; however, a healthy Cole St. Clair could be the difference between Rice swapping a C-USA ring for a College World Series ring.

And I'm happy to see Venditte return. I've not seen him pitch yet, but he's the guy who will throw lefty to one batter and righty to the next.

Read Kendall's breakdown here.


Bob Broughton said...

"Creighton switch-pitcher Pat Venditte"? I want to hear more about this. For example, has there ever been a switch-pitcher in the major leagues?

Venditte already has a Wikipedia entry:

NewYorkDore said...

There was a switch pitcher in the bigs once. I forget who it was.

Venditte is also not just a novelty. He's damn good both righty ad lefty.

Brian P. Foley said...

Greg Harris who used to pitch for the Red Sox pitched with both arms once with the Expos.

Brian P. Foley said...

There was a kid at Harvard a few years ago that did the same thing.