Monday, July 09, 2007

Omaha Royals prez: two stadiums can work

Omaha Royals President Alan Stein said his group is open to any sort of possibility regarding the future of baseball stadiums in Omaha.

That includes, he said, having a hand in building a new stadium in the north downtown area, even if Rosenblatt Stadium is refurbished for the College World Series.

Among the possibilities being considered by the city is a $26 million upgrade in and around Rosenblatt Stadium. Another is a new, smaller stadium in the NoDo area with expandable seating for the CWS.

Two new stadiums? Out of the question, Stein said.

"But I'm not so sure that one new stadium and an appropriately upgraded one doesn't make sense," he said. "One of the options I've seen and heard is $50 million for a new stadium for both the CWS and the Royals.

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