Saturday, July 28, 2007

CSTV checks in on Cape Cod League

Eric Sorensen of CSTV recently made a trip down to the Cape Cod Baseball League and filed a report on the league. The article is very good in terms of getting looks at a bunch of players including Wake Forest's Allan Dykstra. The one problem with the article is that Sorensen did very little research for some of the background information on the league. He states that all the games he attended (only 3) that admission was never charged and he was not sure if any of the other teams in the league charge for games. He only needed to go over to the Cape Cod Baseball League's website and it is clearly stated that no admission is charged for games. Sorensen also takes the chance to complain about the umpiring in the league saying that they must be high school or small college umpires. Actually, The umpires are members of the CBUAO which just started up this past college season and sent many umpires to NCAA Regionals and World Series at different levels. They also provide most assignments in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. They have a full website available here.

Eric Sorenson Article

Doug Kroll who also works with CSTV checks in with an article previewing the Cape Cod Baseball League All-Star Game which will take place tonight at 6 pm (weather permitting). He breaks down the All-Star game by each school and their representation in the league.

Doug Kroll Article

As always for the best Cape Cod League coverage head over to CodBall and for the best coverage of prospects head to Cape Prospects.

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