Thursday, July 12, 2007

2008 Schedules

We have found that three schools have already released their 2008 schedules. The NCAA annouced in 2006 that they will have an unverisal start date which is Febraury 22nd this season. The LSU Tigers will open the season on the start date when they host Indiana for a three game set. The Cal State Fullerton Titans will also open up at TCU. The final schedule we have found is the UC-Riverside Highlanders who also start on the first possible day with a series at Washington.

LSU Schedule
Cal-State Fullerton Schedule
UC-Riverside Schedule


djbfootball said...

Hey Brian, It is funny that you would post those schedules. I just sarted a thread on talking about that very issue. This uniform start date is a load of crap. This is going to hamstring some schools as it tries to figure out how to schedule 56 games in a season that is 3 weeks shorter.

Brian P. Foley said...

How do you think the Northern Schools did it? They played 2 mid-week games plus conferece games on the weekend. Now you know how diffucult it is for the northern schools.

djbfootball said...

How often to they play a 56 game schedule?

Brian P. Foley said...

I believe every year the Northern schools play roughly 56 games which is usually less with rainouts/snowouts.

jamest said...

Could I go back and play for my D1 baseball team after I request for a release to be able to talk to another D1 baseball program? And if so what happens to my baseball schlorship?