Friday, February 09, 2007

Houston Astros College Classic

The Houston Astros College Classic will begin today at noon with Vanderbilt facing off against the Number 1 ranked Owls of Rice. This will be a showcase event for David Price of Vandy and Joe Savery of Rice. Wayne Graham decided against pitching Joe Savery against Price which is disappointing because it would have been a showcase pitching match-up. The other teams involved in the tournament are Texas A&M, Arizona State, Houston, and Baylor. The entire tournament can be watched for $14.95 from MLB.
Edit: Vanderbilt is offering a free webcast of each of their games in this tourney and home games throughout the year at this link for free.


Southern Miss Alum said...

I wonder what will happen to this tournament next year when the uniform starting date takes effect? Will moving it a few weeks cause complications with the Astros or anything else?

Zlax45 said...

No idea, The coaches I have spoken to about the uniform start date really think it will not effect them that much next season.

If anyone has been able to access the video through Vandy please tell me. I am at work right now trying to get the video up but it is not working.