Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I started this site a few years ago as a side project. I started attending a bunch of games last season at Boston College when they joined the ACC and recognized that College Baseball is where it is at. I was there when Florida State came in when the temperatures were in the low 40's and they were complaining about the weather. I have had some great chances to meet some powers in the baseball world just by attending games and running this website. I even have an opportunity to attend a college showcase this summer if I want because the owner of the showcase found my site. I have gotten over 6,000 hits in the month of January and expect those numbers to go up as the season goes on. I would also like to thank some of my loyal readers who have posted the site in some forums. As always, I love to hear from readers or even coaches as I know you’re reading the site so feel free to email me here.

I would like to also encourage the readers to click on the advertisements as it is not easy to run this site on my own and spending five to six hours a day looking up stories.

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