Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Going to Turf

The Oregon State Beavers have decided to change the surface of their infield from natural grass to FieldTurf at Goss Stadium. This type of field is the same type that the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Devil Rays play on. The surface change is expected to be ready for the home opener for the Beavers on March 8th against Evansville. They are also adding a new scoreboard and a new seating area to the ballpark in the near future. The full article from The Daily Barometer writer Casey Grogan is available here.


Southern Miss Alum said...

Don't understand it. They won the national championship last year while playing on a grass field, shouldn't that say something about the real stuff?

Zlax45 said...

I understand it. They were having drainage problems with the grass field last year and they wanted to make sure they don't have anymore rainouts!