Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Confederate Flag issues

In the long standing tradition of the NCAA of trying to run the entire country, They are meeting this week to discuss the issue of banning post season play in states where the confederate flag still flies. They are thinking of extending the rule to hosting baseball regionals and super-regionals. The only two states which it flies in are Mississippi and South Carolina. The full article from WLTX is available here.

UPDATE: The NCAA has decided to make no changes to the current rules. The full NCAA release is available here.


Southern Miss Alum said...

ESPN did a feature piece on this issue last week. They said that it may take a couple of years before a decision is actually reached.

Ironically, those schools who could be hurt by this decision include history black institutions like South Carolina State, Jackson State and Alcorn State.

If I remember correctly, didn't this topic begin because Georgia and Mississippi had the Confederate flag symbol on their state flags?

Zlax45 said...

Could have been...I just saw this article and decided to post it. I have seen this topic before and can't believe it came up again.