Saturday, June 11, 2005

Huskers and Vols Advance

Nebraska won their Super Regional today with a sweep as they beat the Miami Hurricanes 6-3. Johnny Dorn provided the pitching for the Huskers as the Husker pitching staff kept the Canes bats quiet the whole series. Alex Gordon was ejected from the game for the Huskers in the sixth inning for arguing with an umpire. (He said a magic word.) There will be a full report from one of our Huskers reader real soon.

The Georgia Tech baseball team was swept right out of the tournament by a pitching heavy Tennessee squad. The duo of James Adkins and Luke Hochevar kept the Jackets bats quiet throughout the weekend with a 13-3 victory on Saturday and an exciting 3-2 victory to lead them back to Omaha.

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Anonymous said...

i am going to ramble and this is going to be messy... there was 8700 happy fans in lincoln on saturday, minus 15 miami fans (literally)... joba dorn dunsing and jensen only gave up 4 runs for both games to a miami team that avgerages 8+ runs a game. i stood the whole time, 3rd base line (both games), i watched gordon tag that guy out and then get ejected (bad call), i felt that we were the better team, defensivly, pitching, batting and coaching... the fans were into the game... speaking of the fans, this was printed in the miami sun-sentinel "It's UM-Nebraska. Their fans are a lot like Miami's. There is a small group of hardcore baseball fans, but most of the fans you will see dressed in red this weekend are Husker football fans that have jumped on the bandwagon. They don't know baseball, but they know they want to beat Miami" SHINANAGANS!!! we average 5k+ fans at home, ive been to 6 home games (1 road) this year and i live 200 miles away... the guys dogpiled and then ran around the stadium giving everyone hi-5s after jensens 123 ninth... they signed autographs and shook hands... miami looked tired by the end, but thats ok because they will be able to sleep in their own beds tonight after getting swept. we have won 10 in a row and are peaking just in time for omaha, a mere 45 miles down I-80... anderson had them pumped up, and they came out swingin... it was 18 innings of fun - matt